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Vic Keller is far from a conventional business leader. With a portfolio that includes the founding of 14 companies, generating over $10 billion in enterprise value, and having some of his ventures acquired by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, Vic stands as your definitive guide to scaling and transforming your business.

The Vic Keller Experience

Business Growth & Strategy

  • The 4 Stages of EPIC Business Growth: A Roadmap to Success
  • Unlocking Enterprise Value: Creating Massive Wealth in Your Business
  • The Trinity of Victory: Revenue, Margin, Cash Flow
  • The Financial Flywheel: Recurring Revenue Models
  • Mastering Situational Awareness and Winning Your Market

Leadership & Human Capital

  • The Golden Moat: Human Capital
  • Building the Team: Attracting and Retaining Top Talent
  • Operating a Business with Three I’s Wide Open: Instinct, Intentionality, and Innovation
  • The Game Behind the Game: Strategies for Optimal Business Performance

Branding & Customer Experience

  • The Storybook: Brand Strength
  • The North Star: Customer Experience
  • Branding and Marketing: Creating a Fortune 100 Identity

Humanizing Business

  • “I LOVE YOU”: The Key to Long-term Business Success
  • Relationship Stewardship in Business
  • Nurturing important relationships within and beyond your organization.
  • Simplifying complex business concepts to create a successful enterprise.
  • Differentiating between business inspiration and practical business tactics for transformative results.

Vic develops dynamic talks tailored to your audience’s needs. Get ready for a powerful, real, and valuable experience that brings business breakthroughs!

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Vic Keller is an extraordinary business leader with over two decades of hands-on experience, a portfolio that includes the founding of 14 companies, and a history of generating more than $10 billion in enterprise value. Recognized as EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year and a five-time feature on Inc’s 500 Fastest-Growing Private Companies list, Vic has even had companies successfully acquired by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. With these unparalleled achievements, he isn’t just a keynote speaker—he’s your ticket to a transformative business breakthrough. When you listen to Vic, you don’t just hear a talk—you embark on a journey to scale.

What truly sets Vic apart is his knack for simplifying complex business challenges and making the seemingly impossible achievable. While inspiration is the cornerstone of Vic’s presentations, he knows that real transformation comes from delivering tactical, actionable knowledge. His insights resonate globally, making him the go-to speaker for a diverse audience that ranges from aspiring entrepreneurs to C-suite executives.

No matter where you are in the world, Vic Keller is a catalyst for extraordinary business performance. Fueled by optimism and an unwavering belief in the transformative power of tactical expertise, Vic is more than just a motivational speaker. He offers not just inspiration but a roadmap for tangible, actionable success, backed by a unique blend of credibility, optimism, and enterprise-building acumen. Engage Vic for your next event, and provide your audience with an unmatched blend of credibility and actionable business strategies.

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