Every Decision I Make is with Intention — It's the very key to my life. I love to innovate, fuel ambition, and strategize success.


Vic launched his career in commercial banking at JP Morgan Chase after graduating from Texas Tech University. He was given management responsibilities early on to lead and grow the company’s commercial banking business. During this time, Vic had the privilege to interact with top executives across various industries. Eventually, Vic transitioned into the automotive industry as the Vice President of Sales for Wynn’s Automotive, the oil and insurance subsidiary of Wynn’s International, where he oversaw all national accounts.

Ever the entrepreneurial spirit, in 2002 Vic decided to cultivate a personal vision and started his first company, carXperience, where he had the privilege to partner with automotive industry icons, Cecil and Larry Van Tuyl. Vic continued to build other ventures over time, including the successful ZAK Automotive enterprise, which included three vertically integrated entities – ZAK products, a professional-use automotive fluid and maintenance products company that was an Official Partner of NASCAR, as well as ZAKTEK, an insurance protection program sold exclusively within franchised car dealerships, and NEXEMO, a B2B e-commerce purchasing platform for the automotive industry.

In 2015, the ZAK Automotive Companies were successfully acquired by Berskshire Hathaway, Inc. Vic maintained his CEO role at ZAK and formally assumed senior executive responsibilities for Berkshire Hathaway Automotive, where he oversaw several operating departments in the multi-billion-dollar organization, including the Parts and Service business. He also had the privilege to build and lead the Berkshire Hathaway Automotive Professional Development department, providing training, human capital, talent acquisition, sales strategy, Customer Experience (CSI), and Dealer Academy services to more than 10,000 associates.

Equipped with tremendous experience and exposure, Vic decided that it was time to expand outside the automotive industry and continue his passion to help companies develop and grow. He founded Experience Ventures as a platform to partner and invest in targeted companies poised for growth and, in December of 2017, Vic ventured into the private equity industry. Here, he is able to help successful businesses reach their next level of growth by providing the needed liquidity and resources. He also focuses on operationally optimizing the companies by mentoring their leadership teams and shepherding strategic and cultural initiatives.

Whether it’s as an executive, entrepreneur, or a board member, Vic has an endless passion for building and leading businesses towards operational sustainability and financial success. He also has unique eye for talent and the ability to pair it with specific environments to make a positive impact. In addition to his professional roles, Vic is passionate about supporting his local community through various volunteer organizations and charities and also serves as a board member for the Acts 29 Global Mission Organization.

As a visionary leader, Vic takes on speaking engagements to share his experience building businesses from concept to fruition and converting strategic plans into tactical realities. He focuses on how to leverage a balanced philosophy of aligning talent and timing, with the need to deliver a profitable financial model in the hopes of inspiring business leaders to discover their true vision and to “Live and Lead with Intention”.

"I live to help others discover their vision, and to serve my family, my community, and my faith along the way.”

Vic and his family share time between Dallas, Texas and Whitefish, Montana.

“I’m incredibly blessed to be a father to two amazing boys and a husband to the love of my life. My family is my purpose – they motivate me to be a better man every single day.”

Core Values

Company visions change from business to business, but the values people hold to guide them towards that vision stay the same. Below are the core values Vic brings to every business opportunity.

Be A Renegade

Unleash Your Calculated Risk Takers



Be a


Build A

to Greatness


Inspiration + Knowledge = Transformation

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