Vic talks with Business Strategist Jake Havron

Owning 14 companies generating multiple billions in revenue is quite a feat until you really get to know Vic Keller’s heart and mission for serving people. We get to dive deep into that here with this interview.

Vic Keller is the CEO and Founder of KLV Capital and the CEO and Founder of Experience Ventures. He is a passionate serial entrepreneur, business coach, and speaker. His proven ability to see, seize, and scale opportunities led to him gaining Mr. Warren Buffett as a trusted business partner when several of his companies were successfully acquired by Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Beyond bringing businesses from concept to fruition, his primary calling is to raise up world-class entrepreneurs and business operators.

Vic’s true north is his relationship with Christ, his wife of 26 years, and his two sons. His humble roots instilled in him the values, grit, and perspective needed to live and lead a life through a lens of love. All told, he loves business and feels like the luckiest person in the world to get to do what he does and even luckier that he gets to do it with people he loves.


  • 03:42 Who is Vic Keller?
  • 15:09 Why being an innovator is better than being an inventor.
  • 22:45 Job description vs journey description
  • 29:24 Ways to make your team feel loved and valued.
  • 34:08 Authenticity and accountability. 43:34 Good Management – a leader’s greatest toolkit.
  • 55:39 What it really means to seek proximity.
  • 59:42 Vic as a dad, as told by his son. 1:04:18 The Multiplier Effect
  • 1:08:21 The best way to get ahead of your competition.
  • 1:18:29 All about EPIC MBA.

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