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Vic Keller is a Dallas-based entrepreneur with a legacy of pioneering 14 recognized ventures. As the brain behind the revered private equity firm KLV Capital and the dynamic venture capital firm Experience Ventures, Vic isn’t just playing the business game; he’s passionate about reshaping it with every move.
Vic is assembling an inventive and robust team to amplify his digital footprint through a YouTube channel, a podcast, and a solidified expert presence online. His mission is to enlighten individuals on architecting extraordinary businesses and achieving success in all business dimensions.
We are looking for a master of video packaging, digital marketing, and audience behavior to join Vic’s amazing team to oversee the title and thumbnails process while helping grow the brand identity. If you’re obsessed with creating the most clickable content in the world and think you have what it takes to attract a massive audience on YouTube, then we want to hear from you!
The Thumbnail Concept Designer will be responsible for guiding the ideation and execution of S-Tier thumbnails, titles, and episode ideas for our suite of gaming and live-action YouTube channels. They should have a deep understanding of the YouTube creator landscape, what’s trending, and what makes good, clickable content.
If you consider yourself a top-tier player and possess the skills to excel on one of the most sought-after entrepreneurial firms in the country, we want to hear from you!

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