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Vic Keller

When it comes to entrepreneurial excellence, few names resonate as powerfully as Vic Keller’s. As the driving force behind an astounding 14 successful ventures across varied sectors, Keller’s flair for pinpointing and cultivating business opportunities is unparalleled.

Through his groundbreaking career, Keller has churned out a staggering $10 billion in enterprise value, managing and motivating teams in their thousands.

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EPIC is a transformative platform designed by Vic Keller that fosters individual success through strategic learning and collaborative growth, ultimately building a powerful community of value creators who shape lasting legacies.

Why did Vic create EPIC? He noticed a profound truth: individual brilliance can achieve success, but community strength creates legacies.

Vic believes that success gains scale when it’s amplified collectively, its impact multiplies when orchestrated together, and its significance deepens when shared amongst a community.

It’s his way of creating a platform where individuals not only strive for personal success, but contribute to each other’s journeys, thereby crafting impactful, lasting legacies.

In summary, EPIC is a unique blend of a professional network, a learning hub, a mentorship platform, and a community of driven individuals. It’s for those who wish to create, build, and achieve beyond their individual capacities, and desire to be part of something larger than themselves. This is the EPIC promise to its members.

EPIC Community Membership Includes:

  •  Masterful Education & Training with Vic:
    Dive into the exclusive content revealed every month on EPIC’s Leaderpass platform. Learn innovative strategies, insights, and groundbreaking ideas that are sure to ignite your business ambitions.

  •  Private Members Community:
    Connect with the members-only Slack hub, a space that encourages resource sharing, discussions, and collaborations. Gain access to a regularly updated members-only newsletter featuring the latest trends, invaluable advice, and inspiring business stories.

  •  Vic-led Peer Circles:
    Regularly participate in sessions focusing on vital business topics, share your perspectives, learn from others, and forge strong alliances.

  •  Robust Networking Opportunities:
    Connect and collaborate with a community of industry leaders and fellow entrepreneurs. Establish valuable relationships that could open doors to new opportunities.

  •  Accountability Groups:
    Be part of small, dedicated groups that hold each other accountable for their business goals. Led by experienced business coaches or long-standing members, these groups serve as your personal support network in your business journey.

  •  Monthly Growth Packages:
    Receive carefully curated resources every month, including reading materials, podcasts, tools, and best practices, all designed to foster continuous learning and growth. These will be digital and physical packages.

  •  Annual EPIC Summit:
    Participate in an annual, in-person event where you can connect with fellow members, learn from influential speakers, and engage in enriching workshops.

  •  Exclusive Mastermind Retreats:
    (Additional cost) Dive deeper into your business strategies and future planning by joining our exclusive mastermind retreats. These retreats, either in-person or virtual, offer the perfect environment to refocus your vision and reignite your passion for your business.

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For Vic, business inspiration can come from any experience – like the cooking line at a Michelin Star restaurant or a NASCAR going 200 mph around the track – you just have to be looking for it. Read his insider advice on driving innovation, defining culture, developing top talent, and enjoying life to the fullest.

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Known for his wealth of practical, real-life knowledge, Keller is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, inspiring entrepreneurs and professional teams with his strategies for achieving optimal scale and generational wealth.

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