Giving back has always been a priority in my life, both personally and professionally. Recently at one of my companies, ZAK, we established an initiative to give back to our community on a regular basis. As a Dallas native and the Founder of a Dallas-based company, it is important for me to find creative ways to lend a hand to those in need in our great city. The team enjoys stepping away from the office and jumping into community volunteer projects with DFW non-profit organizations. The enthusiastic and motivated nature of the team to give back is a testament to the culture and core values of all those who work here, and something I am proud of. The ZAK Gives Back days are some of our favorite time throughout the year and a great experience we will continue for years to come.   

Earlier this year we had the privilege to serve at The Gatehouse in Grapevine, Texas. The Gatehouse is a supportive community for women and their children to seek refuge in times of crisis. We got the opportunity to move furniture and set up apartments for new members who would soon be arriving at The Gatehouse. The team was given several apartments with lists of specific needs for each. There was a lot to be done, but we quickly initiated our problem-solving skills and separated the team into two groups so we could divide and conquer. Let’s just say, I am glad we brought our dolly as we moved several bigger items including dressers, bookshelves, beds, rugs and much more. At the end of the day our team surpassed the number of apartments that were assigned to us and was able to get a few extra set up as well! 

The Gatehouse has done a tremendous job providing an exemplary living space for its members. We were all blow away by the standard of living that is provided (everything is new and pristine) and the attention to detail that is given. The Gatehouse staff and volunteers even go the extra mile to personalize the bedrooms for the children based on their interests. The members and their families are provided a real and comfortable place to call home. It is truly touching to see the impact these living spaces and the entire Gatehouse community has on its members, and many are overcome with emotion when they step foot into their new home for the first time. Our 2016 ZAK Gives Back event was truly a rewarding experience and we were honored to be a small part of such a worthy cause. 

We were humbled by the amazing work being done at The Gatehouse and look forward to continuing our stewardship with them on a long-term basis. ZAK team members will be volunteering on a bi-monthly basis in various capacities. In addition, ZAK will provide an ongoing donation of some of our professional-grade products to help out with cleaning and automotive maintenance needs for The Gatehouse members. The Gatehouse is an amazing faith forward local mission and I am excited for the ZAK team to contribute and help out as much as we can.

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